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IT'S FREE - No Fees Forever

This Membership requires that you meet our criteria of a Craft Spirits Producer.

  1. You are a Craft Spirits Producer or are in the process of becoming a producer

  2. You  produce under 350,000 litres of spirits for the domestic market

  3. All your production for the domestic market takes place in Canada


Note: we have no limit for Export production or Domestic RTD's

KEEPING IT SIMPLE - CCSA PRODUCER BENEFITS                                    

Our Membership for Distillers is Free and is a non-voting membership, which is the best model to allow us to deliver our mandate and bring value to you.  Benefits include:


Your Brand & Industry Showcased

  • We provide learning opportunities and share knowledge to help producers grow their business.

  • We promote Canadian made Craft Spirits as a domestic and international brand.

  • We attend, organize and co-host industry and public networking, trade and meet the buyer events. 

Participation in CCSA Events

  • We will hold a number of events each year in different regions for sales and networking opportunities..

  • Send in your spirits to compete for the regional and national awards and tasting events. 

Suppliers Discounts

  • We will be working with industry and non-industry suppliers to provide discounts for our membership

Support Excise Tax relief and Production Ceilings

  • The CCSA supports the lobbying of the Federal Government by the Canadian Craft Distillers Alliance (CCDA) to remove the Federal Excise tax.  We will also advocate for increased ceilings on "Craft" annual production volumes.

Producer register 2
CCSA Producer Registration

Once you join us we will connect to learn more about your Distillery and specific needs.

Thanks for submitting!

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