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For most producers, lobby government for fair tax policies is a main priority. The CCSA is advocating for change, however we have agreed with the CCDA to support them in leading the lobbying for tax relief.

Aside from Tax policy, CCSA will engage the Federal Government re:

- the Federal Budget and priorities

- future SMB funding and strategies

- DEI in the industry

- programs to expand markets for Craft Spirit Distilleries

CCSA has also run a highly successful pilot project to give female students on-site work experience on the production and business elements of Craft Spirits. We will seek funding from Govt. for this and similar initiatives.

Overall we see some solid opportunities taking shape and extended fiscal commitment to SMB's, which will benefit our producers.

As a proactive Association, we will continue to propose specific projects to the Federal Govt. that will help the CCSA capacity and support for its members.

It is a long road ahead of us, but we are gathering followers and supporters in the journey forward.

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