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Dunrobin Distilleries inks $5.5M deal with Swiss company Seven Seals Innovation

Dunrobin Distilleries co-owner Adrian Spitzer, Swiss Ambassador Salome Meyer and Dunrobin Distilleries co-owner Mark Watson. Photo by Caroline Phillips

A reception hosted Thursday by Swiss Ambassador Salome Meyer, celebrated a new $5.5-million investment being made by Swiss-based whisky distillery Seven Seals Innovation into Dunrobin Distilleries, a local distillery founded in 2017 by longtime friends Adrian Spitzer and Mark Watson.

“Canada is known to be a good place to do business,” said Meyer as she spoke about their countries’ shared values when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship.

The new collaboration will see Dunrobin Distilleries handle the local production of Seven Seals’ spirits, in addition to its own award-winning products. The agreement is expected to help the two companies grow their brands by allowing Seven Seals to break into the North American market while, at the same time, providing a path for Dunrobin Distilleries to expand its distribution into Europe. The deal was reached following eight months of negotiations that included a business meeting in Switzerland. Visit Dunrobin Distilleries Website and check out their amazing Earl Gey Gin (the top seller).

Read full story at Ottawa Business Journal

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