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Cocktail trend shaping direction of no-alcohol spirits and RTD alternatives

The wider cocktail trend driving innovation in the full-strength beverage alcohol landscape has been influencing NPD within no/low as well. Although no-alcohol gin and botanical spirit alternatives continue to be an important focus of new launches, there has been an uptick in alcohol-free aperitif, dark spirits and tequila alternatives as well. Australian brand Lyres, for example, launched their agave-based tequila substitute in the UK and Germany in 2022 to allow drinkers to still enjoy their favourite tequila-based cocktails even when they are not drinking.

Similarly, the no/low-market in in the US is tapping into the momentum of RTDs and the convenience they offer. IWSR projections show that from a small base, RTD no-alcohol products will be the most rapidly expanding no-alcohol subcategory in the market, with a volume CAGR of 18% between 2022 and 2026. Alcohol-free RTD cocktails will be driving much of this growth.

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